Anemia causes, symptoms and treatment !



Anemia is one of the most serious diseases. It is the state when blood lacks enough healthy red cells or hemoglobin. This lack hinders the movement of oxygen in your body; which means your body cells and organs would not get enough Oxygen. 

Red blood cells contains an hormone called HEMOGLOBIN. The latter one is rich in iron and it gives blood its red color. This hormone is very important in the process of leading oxygen to the body cells and organs, and bringing the carbon dioxide back to the lungs.

Anemia symptoms are numerous because the lack of oxygen affects all cells of the body !


However, the common symptoms include :

  • Fatigue after doing normal tasks or even without doing anything
  • Difficulties concentrating and feeling dizzy
  • Insomnia
  • Heard breathing when practicing sports
  • Headache repeatedly
  • Dryness and stiffness of nails
  • The inability to tolerate cold weather
  • Difficulties in sight
  • Depression

Rare symptoms may include craving leaves and soil, which is caused by the need for iron!

Severe Anemia may have different symptoms including :

  • Fast heartbeats
  • Heart Failure (as a result of fast heartbeats)
  • Fast breathing
  • Paleness
  • Inflammations in gums and tongue


Prevention is better than cure. therefore; one should adopt a balanced diet composed from vegetables like spinach  which is rich in iron.2012-r-xl-spinach-salad-with-smoked-chicken-apple-walnuts-and-bacon-1024x768

People with Anemia need to get medical consultation because each one needs a different treatment depending on his or her genes, medical file, age … pic11

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