Do you know what Autumn does to your Hair ?




  • As the Autumn is knocking on our doors, you may will find your hair falls as well. Annually, people (specially women and  Long hair men) notice that their hair is falling in a striking way. This situation goes for two weeks time and then it stops. We have to mention that it’s a natural process and there’s no need to worry,  unless your hair falls with big masses . In that situation you will have to see a specialist.

   Here are  Five tips to minimize or stop the sharpness :

  1. Food: People should pay attention to the quality of their food. It must be rich in iron, which strengthens the hair bulb and prevent them from falling.
  2. Cutting the end : Summer may have left your hair damaged and made some of the hair ends thin and scaled. Therefore; you must cut the hair ends .
  3. Medications : Many medicines are available in order to reduce hair loss . However, it should be noted that these medications should be taken after consultation with a specialist.
  4. Hair Rest : In this period , women shall give their hair a rest from chemicals and dryers .

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