What are the Benefits of Almonds ?

   Almond is a famous nut. It is known for its richness in antioxidants, healthy fats, in addition vitamins and minerals. Although walnut  seems to have more nutrients, Almond has great positive influences on the body too.


and this is thanks to its rich composition.

The Nutrients in 30g of Almond : 

  • 3.75 g Fiber
  • 6.42 g
  • 15 g Fats
  • 37% of Vitamin E that our body needs
  • 32% of Manganese that our body needs
  • 20% of Magnesium that our body needs

it also contains a respectful amount of copper, Vitamin B2 and phosphorus.

Almonds Benefits For Health

Almond provides many benefits for the health. including :

  • It protects the body against oxidants
  • It lower risks of having Brain disease such as Alzheimer, and brain cancers thanks to the richness in vitamin E
  • It reduces risks of having a heart disease
  • Regulates Sugar rate in blood for people with diabetes as well as for normal people.
  • It helps in relaxation and regulates blood pressure thanks to its richness in Magnesium
  • It lowers Cholesterol levels in blood
  • It is good for diets because small amounts make one feel full and replete; in addition to having a relatively Low amount of fats and Calories


Healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E are all important nutrients for the human body; and they are found in nuts like almond and walnut .

Written by Hamiid Nouasria

I am an Arabic expression poet, English articles writer, and a translator between Arabic, English and French.
I am an English department Student at the FLSH UM5 University of Rabat Morocco .


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