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What Are the Benefits of Walnut?


Walnut is one of the well known nuts all around the world. It is first known for its benefits, weird shape, and strange taste that can never be found in another fruit or nut. 170727-inflammatorybowel-1-300x224                Walnut is just  delicious, it’s also an insane nutrient that provides lots of benefits to the body . In this article, we are going to know about these benefits and how they strengthen the human body.

  Walnut Benefits For Health :

  • Walnut contains Vitamin E more than any other nut; in addition to that, it is rich in Melatonin and polyphenols; all these components are meant to preserve the body from the oxidants
  • Walnut is rich in Omega-3s that reduces the risk of having a heart disease
  • Unconfirmed studies say that Walnut is a protects the human body from some cancers; such as Breast Cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer; and this is thanks to its richness in polyphenols
  • It provides healthy benefits for the Gut because it nourishes the healthy bacteria in your guts
  • Reduces risks of having inflammations
  • Reduces risks of having diabetes type 2
  • Reduces risks of having Alzheimer and Brain diseases and cancers
  • Studies have proven that nuts regulates blood pressure


Walnut’s Benefits For Mental Health : 

brain-walnut-getty-300x225 It might be just a coincidence that the shape of walnut and the brain are very similar; but in fact, the walnut is one of the greatest nutrients for the brain;  It reduces risks of having Alzheimer..

Walnut contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic), an omega 3 fatty acids. Walnut’s DHA protects the health of  Newborns’ brains, improves cognitive performance in adults’ , and prevents or ameliorate age-related cognitive decline.



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