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How Does the Brain Learn ?


Do you want your Brain to be strong and push it to learn more ? Would you like to improve your Brain abilities ?

then read this article !


A successful athlete is a person who knows how to get the most out of his body and muscles; Likewise; a smart learner is someone who knows how to get the most out of his brain !

and as an athlete knows how his body works, you need to know how the brain works.

Luckily in the last few decades studies has discovered many things about how human beings learn !

So let’s take a quick peek into our Brains


Brain Neuron Network

The human brain weigh about three pounds and and is composed of trillions of cells.

100 Billion of them are Neurons. When a potential learning experience occurs, some neurons send out spikes of electrical gravity. This activity send nearby neurons to do the same !

When  a group of neurons fire together they create a “Neurons Network” which is weak if learning happens only once ! In other words, when you learn new thing ( a new word, skill, information….) you need to use it and keep it in practice in order for you to strengthen the Neuron Network it belongs to !

and as the Neuron Network gets stronger, the new learned skill or information becomes deeply rooted in our identity .

A Long Term Memory is the result of repeating an exercise of learning for a long time, because repetition means a stronger neuron network.

So to stick your learning, create  strong neural networks.


now that you know how does the Brain learn, let’s see how you can become a great learner !

Skills to become an active Learner : 


  1. Connect what’s new to what’s old : Always connect new skills and information to old ones and make one part of the other, because like this, your brain connects the new Neuron network to an older and stronger one !
  2. Quality of Learning : as how you practice affects the physic strength; how you learn affects the strength of your neural networks and the quality of learning !  so adapt and then  adopt a method that goes with your abilities and personality and your kind of learners in order to get the most out of your Brain.
  3. 0_9fTHJoc29BNBtnAO-300x300 Quantity of Processing : The human brain learns best when when learning efforts are distributed in time. Athlete do not wait until is the night of the competition and then start exercising; and as well, your brain cannot learn in one night. So as athletes train and practice regularly to become stronger; you need to practice and learn regularly in order for your brain neural networks to become stronger !


Neural networks are also encouraged to occur when practicing meditation and adopting a good diet for the brain …





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