Children and Gaming :


Your child loves video games ? Does he spend too much time playing them ?

Video games have become common by adults as well as youth and children. Actually adults are more likely to play video games; the average age of video games players estimated in 35 years old ! which means that elders and adults are competing young people.


Many parents believe that their children are safe when they are playing video games. They think that it’s a good thing to do since it strengthen their reactions and ability to analyze. While there’re some others who sees it as an addiction that may put the child into self sabotage and self doubtfulness when they leave their screens and face the real world.

Is Gaming Good or Bad for children ?

The truth is that video games and gaming are not a bad habit nor a good one for children. It just need parents to know the difference between enough and too much; when the child is playing for joy and when he’s playing to feed his addiction; and when boundaries and instructions are needed.

What to do ?

It is advisable for parents to limit their children’s time in gaming in less than 40 minutes a day; and watch what kind of games they play; for instance, video games with hatred speeches, violent or sexual scenes may sabotage the child’s brain; because he’d think about what he sees and watch later; and his sub-conscious mind will analyze everything and adopt it to be a part of the child’s personality. Video games that are designed for children, are meant to teach them about help, being kind, and self-confidence as well as using their minds. Gaming is a double-edged sword.

How to know if your Child is Addicted ?

Dad don’t allow son using his laptop

Instructions :

Children need to know who is in charge. They need to know that their parents have all the authority to reduce the time of playing and expand it when they want to! This is meant to keep the child to manageable and obedient. And parents ,as well, must know how to use this authority so they won’t seem exploitative and intrusive. For instance, when a child do a bad things punish them by stopping him/her from gaming a few days or shorten the period of playing; while when they show polite manners add a five or ten minutes to the duration.

When the child is Addicted ?

There are many factors that show if the child is addicted to video games or no. For instance :

  1. when refusing a tempting deal (going out, family events, visiting a museum…) in order to save their time for gaming, the child is gaming addict
  2. When the child gets angry at underestimating a game, he’s addicted
  3. When he talks about his games all the time, even when there’s no one interested, he’s addicted
  4. When he tells about himself having many dreams about the games he plays, he’s addicted
  5. When he asks for prolonging gaming duration, he’s addicted

What to do to stop the addiction ?

Do never stop the child from video games at once! This may cause him to hate his parents and feel rejected; but instead:

  1. Shorten the period of time one minute every two days without letting him realize the trick, in a few days he will come back to the regular duration
  2. Rewarding him when he stops playing by his own free will
  3. Sensitize him of the risk of gaming addict; communication is very important with children because it makes them feel and know their importance and value, then strengthen their self-confidence
  4. Pushing him to play different games everyday, because like this he will keep up with changes; and his brain cells will not develop a strong network related to a one game …

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