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Discover How to Boost your Immunity System


There’re many ways to boost your immunity system. And to do so, you need first to read our previous article about behaviors that weakens it .

In this article, you will discover how you can boost your immunity’ strength and capability to protect your body from outer diseases!


As we have mentioned in a previous article; Stress causes the immunity system to weaken; so the reduction of stress means a stronger immunity. And the best ways to reduce the stress includes walking, drinking enough water, and undoubtedly practicing meditation regularly.

If you smoke, then you must know that the cigarettes may be the cause of your weak immunity ! So try to stop smoking in a manner approved by your doctor!


Medicines and Antibiotics are the biggest enemies for the immunity. They replace the immunity’s role in fighting outsider bodies like bacteria and viruses; as a result the body gets used to the outside help and stops to react when trends are detected! when you choose to let your body fight in fever, you let it develop a stronger immunity system .


Nutrition plays an effective role in strengthening and boosting your immunity system.


When you catch cold you rush to and eat orange before taking medicines. It does help because it’s rich in vitamin C which thought to boost the production of white blood cells. The latter ones fight the infection and develop a six months capability to fight common cold easily.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus, but it exists ,as twice as it is in citrus, in Red bell Peppers ! the latter ones do not only help you boost your immunity system, but also they have components that reduce the stress and maintain a healthy skin.


Broccoli is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. It’s also rich in anti-oxidants and fiber. It is advisable in boosting the immunity specially if not cooked. Therefore; less cook it as much as possible


Garlic is very consumptive and exists almost in all the kitchens in the world. It is very important and quite helpful when it comes boosting the immunity system because it’s rich in many vitamins and minerals.


Ginger is also known to be used in all kitchens around the world; and it’s also known to be used in traditional medicine against fever and cold. It is thanks to its richness in anti-oxidants and nutrients that boost the production of white blood cells.


Spinach is known to be one of the most nutritious eatable things ever existed! it is rich in most of vitamins and minerals ;and therefore; it helps in boosting the immunity system’s energy and the body’s capability to resist.


Right after vitamin C, Vitamin E is very helpful in strengthening the immunity against bacterias and viruses; including the common cold. Almond is known to be very rich in this vitamin, therefore; it is advisable to take it regularly in the period of winter !


Tea is known to be rich in anti-oxidants, and packed with flavonoids. In addition to an anti-oxidant called EGCG which was shown to enhance the immunity system!


+200% of what you need of vitamin C is proven to be held in one single papaya; and a few less in the same amount of kiwi. These fruits are quite rich in Vitamins and minerals. These fruits encourages the body to product more white blood cells.


It’s not the first thing you’ll think about but poultry are very helpful in getting rid of sicknesses caused by bacterias or viruses; including cold. Actually it protects you from catching such illnesses at the first place!

Shellfish is very rich in zinc; a vitamin that’s very important for the overall health, and helps in the growth of immunity cells.


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