What Are the Risks of Eating Fried Foods ?

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All around the world, fried foods are consumed immensely. It is very demanded because it’s easy to prepare, and it makes foods very delicious; specially meats and pastries . But is it a good habit to over-consume fried foods?Let’s check the answer in this Article ! 


First thing first, fried foods makes it hard for the stomach and the digestive system  to do their job because the kitchen oil is hard to digest. and since fried foods are full of oil, the stomach does not digest and disassemble most of the components of the food!

In other words, most proteins in meats, most fibers and vitamins in vegetables, and the endless benefits of fish .. they all get reduced when they’re fried !

In fact, frying does not only reduce the body’s benefits, but also, it does cause problems including :

  • Increased Cholesterol in Blood
  • Clogged Arteries
  • Increased belly fat, waist and buttocks.
  • Obesity
  • Unbalanced fat distribution (it affects the shape of the body)
  • Weakness of immunity
  • Recurrent Diarrhea
  • Higher heart diseases
  • Increases in risk of death for patients with kidneys problems
  • Higher risk of stroke
  • Higher risks of having prostate cancer

Experts say that eating one meal of fried-foods in a week is more than enough for a normal person. 


You can always reduce these risks if you practice sports regularly, eat vegetables salads and fresh fruits, drinking enough water everyday, reduce sugars and salt from your meals …

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