What do you know about the Gallbladder ?


The gallbladder is an effective organ in the Digestive System . It is located under your liver in the upper-right section of your abdomen . The Gallbladder is about 10 cm (4 inches), and its function is to store  bile which helps in the digestion of fats and meats . Regardless of its importance, the human body is able to live without the gallbladder . In this article, we’ll talk about some reasons that call for medical advice.


There are many disorders and diseases that affect the gallbladder and call for medical advice . But don’t be afraid, as we have said you can live finely without the gallbladder, so our list is not to worry you, but to make you aware !

However here’s the gallbladder disorders :

  1. Gallstones : they may have no effect or symptoms , and obviously no hazards . People who have been diagnosed with this disease tend to remove the gallbladder .

  2. Cholecystitis : it is an inflammation of the gallbladder . It is divided to two types; the normal one which doesn’t need any medication, and the chronic inflammation that may lead to the disruption of some functions . The latter inflammation needs a medical advice and in many times the only solution is to eradicate this organ .

  3. Cholelithitiasis : it is very often the gallstones that reach the yellow channel and stack there .

  4. Abscess of gallbladder : Gallstones may be accompanied by the appearance of pus, which is a collection of white blood cells, dead tissue and  bacteria. This is one of the diseases that need urgent treatments because its infections may be transmitted to other organs .

  5. Gallbladder Cancer : it is uncommon. Most gallbladder cancers are discovered at a late stage so that it has no symptoms or signs . However, when it’s diagnosed, but in very rare situations , it can affect other organs .

  6. Gallbladder Polyps :They are harmless. In very rare situation they may have light effects but no need to worry about them !

  7. Perforated Gallbladder : it is a very rare result of an acute cholecystitis. It is the most dangerous gallbladder disease because it may lead to death !

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