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Discover Foods that are Healthy for the Brain


r1146769_14333901-225x300 The Human Brain is his miraculous gift. It is one of the most complicated organs ever been discovered.

The Human brain is composed of more than 100 Billion cell that each one of them is connected to dozens of thousands others; they are linked by synapses. A more connected brain cells mean a stronger memory and brain ability to create and analyze the received information.

So, does nutrition and food we eat affect our brains abilities ?

the answer is a Big YES!


Nutrition plays an important role in our brain growth and the connection of its cells . There are some foods that shall be avoided in order for you to have a strong brain; and as well, others that are recommended.

Good foods for the brain includes : Mixed-Nuts-Copie-267x300

  •  Nuts : they are rich in many good nutrients that are good for the brains; most of them are composed of good amounts of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin E … Walnut might be the best choice but , other nuts as pistachios and almond are god too.
  • Dark Chocolates : it reduces stress and improves the mood by improving blood flow and oxygen to the brain; in addition to this, it offers a natural balanced dose of caffeine.
  • Eggs : they are rich in Vitamin B12 which is great in energy providence, and since the brain uses about 25% of the energy in our bodies, vitamin B12 is important for the brain health.
  • Fish : they are rich in Omega 3 and healthy fats; they are very important in the memory development  and maintaining the cells connected.
  • Apples : it is rich in acetylcholine which is a chemical that increases movement and sensory perception. In addition; it lower risks of having brain diseases such as Alzheimer and brain cells damage.

By the other hand, fatty foods are meant to lower the brain performance and its abilities to function.

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