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  • The heart can be identified as the most important muscular organ in humans bodies . It’s a little bit bigger than a fist and it’s located safely under your breastbone . The heart pumps the blood in your arteries ; and so the oxygen with it to every single piece of your body . In this article, we are going to show you how to take care of your heart, what to do and eat , and what to avoid  .

Just like most of organs, nutrition can extend your heart’s life as well as ending it fast . Here are some foods you can frequently eat to strength your heart :

  1. Pineapple : One cup of pineapple juice is more than just enough to give you what you need of Vitamin C in a one day . And it protects your heart cells from damage.
  2. Spinach : One of the most powerful vegetables that can help your heart and all your body . And it tastes good with fried eggs .
  3. Tomatoes : Lycopene exists a lot in tomatoes . It works against oxidation in addition to protecting your heart from 55% of aches . Tomatoes is the golden food for heart health .
  4.  ■ Blueberry, Watermelon, Pepper, orange … can also help hearts to live longer .
  • As we have mentioned, Nutrition can harm your heart health . Therefore; In this part we are going to tell you about some foods you better take care of as a consumer . Here is our list :

  1. Pastry : Carbohydrates are a main component in Pasty in addition to fats . And both of them can gets your heart exhausted .
  2.  Meat : It contains a lot of fats and Cholesterol . Therefore; consuming so much meat every day has bad effects in the long term . You can avoid this by eating fish instead !
  3. Fast food : it decreases the blood sugar level , fats , Cholesterol …. which obviously hurts your heart and stops it from functioning comfortably .
  4.  ■Fried foods , sugar and sweets are the most dangerous foods that all heart patients avoid dealing with .


Not only nutrition,but also your behaviors and habits, can affect your heart . Staying up late night, laziness, eating too much repeatedly … they may have bad effects in the long term . But in the other hand , walking one hour a day, sports, sleeping enough night, waking up before sunrise … all these habits makes your health and heart good and better day after day .

 ■  obviously consuming drugs and liquors have killing effects . Water helps your heart to stay fresh in perfect heat .

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