Function of kidneys


The kidneys are two organs with one main function, to filter your blood. They are located behind the belly and below the ribs . They’re about the size of a fist , but unlike it, you can never heal your kidneys.


However, don’t panic! We are going to get you with rules and tips to make sure they are going to well work for a lifetime . Let’s take a look at these easy rules :

  1. DrinkWater : Water is the most important thing for kidneys. Make sure to drink more than 8 cups of water everyday so you can help them stay as clean as they need .
  2. Peeing : don’t delay this need . Actually this might lead to many diseases such as kidney failure.
  3. Salt consumption : sodium affects negatively your kidneys , therefore; try to reduce it in your meals .
  4. Night sleeping : studies have proved that sleeping has positive effects on the kidney so that it helps them repair the damaged cells .
  5. Medecines : Medicines consumption malfunctions the kidneys , and with time it may lead to worse consequences .•You also have to maintain a healthy weight , practice sports, reduce spices and fats, and surely stay away from acohol if you care about your kidney…

Here is a list of some useful foods for kidneys :

  • Apple : apple contains lot of fibers.
  • White of eggs : it contains phosphorus which cleans kidneys from toxins .
  • Red pepper : it is made of many helping vitamins that helps kidneys stay strong for longer time .

Kidneys are one of the organs that we can’t live without . Once they get damaged, we can never get them back healed, therefore; check your daily behaviors and make sure that you don’t hurt your kidneys . 

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