How can you Learn FASTer ?

Discover Jim Kwik’s Tips for quick learning !


We all want to learn faster and faster because it allows us to develop ourselves and grow faster.


 Jim Kwik  is a world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance. He coaches people how they can improve their ability to absorb communicated information and mastering new skills FASTer.

Nowadays Mastering fast learning is a golden key to keep up with the immediate and continuous changing world.

so what is Jim Kwik method to unleash your super brain to learn FASTer  ?

First thing first; you need to know that information combined with emotion gives long term memory; in other words one wouldn’t be able to learn faster, you need to have positive emotions and curiosity  toward the learned skill or information. This is explained by the fact that we can never forget songs we grew up listening or scenes from movies that made us laugh or cry. However, having negative emotions like boredom and anger can paralyze your ability to learn, not only learn quickly.

The key concept in learning Faster is to “BE FAST”;  how !?    Each letter in “BE FAST” stands for a key or a concept that helps you learn faster :

  1. B = Believe : “If you believe you can or believe you can’t either way you’re right”; the first thing in order for you to learn faster is to believe that you can do it and you’re brain can be smart enough to do it !
  2. E = Exercise : When you exercise your biology changes , and “Your brain’s primary function is to control your movement; as you move, your mind grooves” says Jim Kwik. when you practice your body and brain become more flexible and able to adapt quickly ; and so learn quicker !
  3. F = FORGET : to learn faster you need to forget because when you assume that you already know, your brain does not work as it should. So when learning a skill, do it over and over again as if it was the first time ; and the same with memorizing information, try to memorize it as if you just knew it !
  4. A = ACTIVE : Our brains doesn’t learn by consuming the information but by creating it; so you need to be active and take notes and re-write information on your own ways and see the skills by your own ways ..
  5. S = STATE : “all learning is state dependent” says Jim Kwik, no one learns in a bored state. Motive yourself before starting to learn and let the process be joyful !
  6. T = TEACH : When you teach things you just learned you stick it in your brain, because you paraphrase the way you understood it into your owns. Moreover, we find what we need to focus on and we find our weaknesses as we teach!


To conclude this, there’s no strong nor weak memory. Our brains were made and armed with the same abilities, it’s just a matter of training your memory or let it subside!

Hamiid Nouasria

Written by Hamiid Nouasria

Translator, SEO, Content, Copywriter, Technical, Poet.
Speaks English Fluently, Native Arabic Speaker.


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