Great things you never knew about lettuce !


Lettuce is a leafy vegetable. It is composed of many useful nutrients that helps reducing the incidence of several chronic diseases. The lettuce preserves all benefits at consumption, as it is consumed without cooking in the form of salad.


Lettuce has lot of benefits for human’s body; including :

  1. Obesity prevention : Lettuce is contains a very low amount of calories , which makes it a good nutrient if you want to lose weight .
  2. Cholesterol prevention : Lettuce gives the body the ability to absorb big amounts of Fibers when it’s consumed as a salad . These fibers reduce the risk of cholesterole, blood pressure , and heart diseases .
  3. Diabetes prevention : The fibers offered by lettuce controls blood glucose .
  4. Good source of Sudium and Putasium : Lettuce is a good source of balanced amount of Sodium . And the amount of Putasium is different from a lettuce type to another .
  5. Iron : Lettuce gives an important amount up to 15% of daily needs of iron !
  6. Vitamin B9 : Lettuce is rich of b9 vitamin which is important in DNA synthesis, cell function, growth and development, and reduces the risk of congenital birth defects.

Lettuce is composed of many other nutriens that are very helpful for our bodies.




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