What do you know about your Liver ?


Liver has many functions in humans body . It is a large essential organ located in the right hand side of the belly .  It is the main organ  in protein making,  blood clotting factors, manufacturing triglycerides and cholesterol and  glycogen synthesis. In addition , Liver produces a yellow acidic liquid called Bile. This liquid is being kept in the gallbladder to help in fats digestion .  Liver is a very sensitive organ that needs care and special health diet . In this article, we will give you some pieces of advice ,what to do and what to avoid, to have a healthy Liver .


   Undoubtedly; nutrition plays the main role in how the liver performance. This is our list of foods that help you protect your Liver and strengthen it :

  1. Garlic : Regardless of the bad smell, Garlic helps to secrete enzymes that clean the liver .
  2. Green Tea : It helps you get rid of the accumulated toxins in your Liver.
  3. Grains : all grains have good proportion of vitamin B that helps in equalizing the rate of fats in the body . And it helps the Liver getting rid of fats.
  4. Spinach : It absorbs all toxins and pesticides that reach the body  .In addition , it provides a good protection against heavy minerals . So it helps the liver do its work .


       ■ Fresh vegetables, Apple, olive oil, and orange … all of them are very helpful for liver and many other organs .

      Eating good food can’t do a lot if you didn’t make a serious diet against :

  1. Alcohol : it is the biggest enemy of Liver . If liver was iron, alcohol is corrosion .
  2.  Fats : a lot of fats everyday equal a lot of work for your liver . Avoid exhausting it by reducing fats in your daily meals .


■ Smelling chemical detergent, taking mixed medicaments without instructions … Can harm your liver’s health and functioning.


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