How Does Meditation Help the Brain ?



Does meditation really help improving the brain abilities ?

The answer is YES;

Most of us heard, or hear about the power of meditation, how meditation changes your personality, the great feelings as you meditate … and we wonder how sitting and breathing can have all these magical results ?

In this article you will be informed about what happens inside your body as you meditate, and what changes in your personality when you practice meditation regularly !


But First,


Meditation is the state when you focus all your sensations and thoughts on one thing; it could be a vision in nature…, an idea inside your brain, feeling, goal, fear, weakness, strength ….

You put all the emphasis of your being to communicate with yourself and the inner guide;  As you manage to reach that peaceful state;

What Happens When you Meditate ?

you lose the connection with time and weather, and you will be able to think very fast and effectively , and come up with creative ideas and solutions that never crossed your mind!

In addition to that; as you meditate, blood reach all the organs of your body,  bringing with it big amounts of oxygen, which gives a feeling of relaxation; as a result, stress decreases and pressure vanish.

Lactate and Cortisol get regulated in blood; in other words your body would be able to work under pressure without stress or anxiety!

In addition to all that, reaching that state of peace gives one more self-confidence and high self-esteem; it originates a psychological immunity against depression, irritability, and traumas.



Reaching peaceful states in Meditation does not come with the first time; You need to try over and over again.

You need to be in a place where fresh air blows; sit down, close your eyes or focus on one sight, and try to think about yourself thinking about nothing ! TRY TO STOP YOUR BRAIN FROM THINKING about many things; focus on one specific idea or object …

put all the emphasis of your sensations on that thing, do not forget to breath deeply and slowly , feel your heartbeats, feel your body as it relax, and your soul as it rise … Within 10 to 15 minutes, you will be able to choose either to fly with your soul and imagination and mind, or come back and wake up !


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