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Tips For Obesity Prevention!


Obesitas-dan-Bahayanya-Bagi-Kesehatan-Anda-2-300x117 obesity is a situation in which fats are accumulated excessively in a person’s body .  These fats are supposed to have a bunch of negative effects on the body . In this article we are going to provide you with a simple list of what excess fats can do to your body , not to scare you, but to make you aware of the seriousness of the matter . And undoubtedly we’ll give you some tips to reduce its sharpness .


Obesity doesn’t only affect the outer of the body, but also the inner of it. It affects the health of many organs and their functions , including :

  1. Diabetes type 2 : The relationship between Obesity and Diabetes T2 is very known in the medical field . Fats lead to a high blood glucose , which as well leads  resistance from the cells of the body to insulin.
  2. Heart Attacks : Obesity decreases the risk of having a heart attack .
  3. Arthritis : The added overweight negatively affects the health of bones , which may lead to Arthritis .


  Obesity causes many other maladies such as : Gallstones, cancers, and hypertension can be considered as the most common result .

  •        After knowing how obesity affects our bodies , Let’s see how can we fight it back .

There are many ways to reduce the sharpness of obesity such as Diets , sports and stuff . As long as these tips got exhausted in all “Obesity” articles , we believe we better give different tips, such as :

  1. Stop Eating at night : The habit of night feeding comes up with laziness , stomach problems and surely Obesity is a result . Instead , make sure to have a good breakfast and appease yourself with fruit.
  2. Consuming Leafy vegetables : Vegetables have the smallest effect on your weight . However , Leafy Vegetables do a lot to help you lose weight and burn fats .
  3. Water & Lemon : Drinking the blend of water and lemon instead of pure water, helps you burn fats and clean your organs .


Obesity can drive you to many other psychological problems . Therefore; fight it if it’s fighting you , or protect yourself before it comes . 


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