The olive Oil’s Healthy Benefits


Olive oil is the oil extracted after grinding olive fruits. It is known for it’s delicious taste, Its tempting smell, as well as the wide-array of benefits for the physical and mental health._عن_فوائد_زيت_الزيتون-300x143

Olives are planted around the world. But 95% of it is planted in the Mediterranean  Sea’s countries like Morocco, Algeria and Spain.

The healthy benefits of Olive oil includes :

  • Cleaning the stomach
  • Disposing of constipation
  • Reducing Cholesterol in blood
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Raising good cholesterol levels
  • Regulating insulin and sugar levels in blood
  • Raising the level of oxidation resistance in the body.
  • Reducing blood thrombosis
  • Reducing the probability of having Metabolic syndrome
  • Reducing the probability of having Breast cancer
  • Facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients from food
  • Reducing the probability of having Rheumatoid arthritis

olive-mill-300x199  In order for you to get the most of the olive oil benefits, you need to make sure that the oil is squeezed in healthy ways; For instance The Extra Virgin Oil is the best oil quality, it is squeezed through traditional ways in countries in north-Africa and it has only 1% acidity.

Some new ways does maintain the benefits of the olive oil but it increases the acidity rate up to 3%, which may change the taste a little bit but still gives the same good feeling to add it to your meals.

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