How to Reduce Stress ?




Stress is any interference that disturbs a person’s mental or physical well-being.                                                      Generally we know Stress as the “wear&Tear” that our minds and bodies experience as we try to deal with the challenges in life(disappointment, embarrassment …)

Stress may have some side effects on the health; For instance  :

  •  As you’re stressed, your brain starts sending random signals to your body; the Amygdala -an area of the brain that contributes to emotional processing-  sends distressed signals to the hypothalamus; the latter one increases heart rate, heightens senses, a deeper intake of oxygen and the rush of adrenaline. In other words, stress causes a disorder in normal brain functions which would affect your neural networks in the brain and memorizing abilities.
  • Stress may increase risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes,
  • It increases stomach acids
  • Inflammations such as redness and swelling …
  • It causes weaknesses in immunity
  • headaches and backaches
  • Chronic constipation
  • Sexual dysfunction



The answer is NO; 

Stress is a normal reaction to challenging and rare situations and experiences in life; it helps us maximize and give the best out of us when needed.

However; being stress in regular and repeated life tasks (Ex.talking to people, Passing a test…) is called Chronic Stress.


CHRONIC STRESS is ,also,  taking the stress of a situation with you for long time and being stressed with no irritation or stimulation.

Stress may cause people to take unwise decisions in order for them to get rid of stress as fast as possible.

As a result, These people start victimizing themselves and decide to reduce stress by drinking alcohols or wasting time in numbness in front of TV….;


Managing emotions intelligently helps making wise choices; and so does managing stress.

One should always trade the current position and immediate results with the long term and lasting ones.

Now that you know about stress and its affection, let us discover how you can reduce it and manage it for the long term!

How to reduce Stress ?

Stress nowadays is on an overwhelming increase;

Work relationships and being surrounded by electronics make you get stressed increasingly, but in a pattern that you will not notice; as a result in a few months you will start to give up your hobbies and tend to lay on bed or drink.

The solutions for stress dilemmas are diverse.

You can travel twice a year for a few days to where the noise of cities does not arrive; and leave the work and its stress behind and get closer to yourself again…


You can also practice meditation . You can meditate regularly at home for a few minutes and benefit from its great immunization against stress. You can also meditate as you’re traveling .

Your Diet and nutrition habits also can increase.decrease your stress

Meditate-300x300-1 Adopting a good diet is very helping when it comes to stress reduction; therefore; if you have a Chronic Stress you’re ought to get medical consultation to develop a Diet.

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