Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Summer Without Harming Your Skin:


The starry summer evening sky might be charming and encouraging to hang and enjoy your time without thinking about your skin. But it is a different story when it comes to the say.

The Ultra Violet rays from the sun and causes skin damages in a very short time. A 15 minutes walk under that summer sun may lead some people to encounter light skin damage; Spending a day at the beach may be a nightmare for others.
I may disappoint you if you think that UV skin damage is not a big deal. Indeed, Prolonged exposure may cause people to have forms of skin cancers; many of which, thankfully, are preventable.

In this article, we are going to review Nine Tips that if you followed, you’d certainly enjoy your summer safely.

1- Try to Avoid the Sun between 11h and 14h


The afternoon is the rush hour for the UV. It is the period when the sun produces the greatest chance of sunburn. But if you ever had to be outside during these hours, seek for shade or use an umbrella, sunscreen or hat and sunglasses at least.

When you come back home, have a comforting shower with average to low temperature in order not to hurt your skin no more. Then make sure to treat your skin by using skin-care oils and medicaments

2 Use Sunscreen When Outdoors


It is very important and efficient to use sunscreen products in the summer. Even if the sky is cloudy or the day seems to be cool, UV rays can still occur. Make sure your skin is not allergic to any of the chemicals in the product you use, and pay attention to its expiration date.
If you had a shower or swam, it is advisable to put the sunscreen again, but a bit lighter this time.

3 Wear Sunglasses With UVA and UVB Protection


The skin around the eyes and the upper of the nose are known to be very sensitive. Many people are exposed to sunburns in those places just after a short time under the sunny summer sky.
You can avoid that by wearing medical glasses that would protect both, the skin around your eyes and upper knows, and the pupil.

4 Headgears :


Try to put on a wide-brimmed hat would protect all of your face, ears, and neck. If you were to put a Baseball cap, you’d better apply the sunscreen to your neck, ears and any place where the sun burns might occur.

5 Be Aware of Medications that may Increase Your Sensitivity to the Sun:


The sensitivity of your skin to the sunlight may be increased by some antibiotics and over-the-counter medications. Many products include antihistamines, such as Benadryl; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin or ibuprofen; certain antibiotics, including Bactrim or Tetracycline; antidepressants; antipsychotics; and some oral diabetic medications.

Surely you don’t want to try new products without checking with specialists.

6 Protect Youth and Children:


Babies are not advised to apply sunscreen but they should be protected very well from the sun’s rays with protective, but summer, clothes.
Children and babies above one year are okay with the sunscreen, and they should apply it whenever they seem to be under the sun.

7 Regular Skin Check:


Any sign of sunburns is a silent call for a skin check. The emergence of freckles, moles or birthmarks is a sign of skin damage that needs immediate treatment. This does not necessarily mean you can do whatever you think would help, but you’d have to visit a doctor and take consultation.
To avoid having bad marks in the face, keep on checking it regularly in the mirror. If you noticed that the color is changing quickly and in some parts more than others, call your doctor for an immediate solution.

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