Spinach, The Insane Nutrient !

Spinach leaves turning around slowly

Spinach, the insane nutrient, is an eatable flowering pant. It is shine to be one of the most nutritious vegetables. In many civilizations, spinach has been recognized for having a countless list of uses from cooking to medicine . In this article we are going to tell you about this golden vegetable .



■ Spinach contains much more than these nutrients but these are the main ones.

  • First of all, let’s see the nutrients in 30g of spinach :
  • 27.40g Water (less if it’s not fresh or cooked)
  • 7/10 calories
  • 0.88g protein
  • 1.09g carbohydrates
  • 0.7g Fiber
  • 0.13g Sugars
  • 0.12g Fats
  • 30mg Calcium
  • 0.81mg Iron
  • Magnesium 24mg
  • Potassium 167mg
  • Phosphor 15mg
  • Sodium 24mg
  • Vitamins 9.37mg

■ Spinach contains much more than these nutrients but these are the main ones.

  1. Spinach provides many health benefits to the human body :
  2. Reducing the risk of Cancer : Spinach contains chlorophyll, which studies have shown to prevent cancer. Chlorophyll resists the Heterocyclic amines produced by the barbecue at high temperatures and which cause cancer .
  3.  Adjust blood pressure : Potassium is a component in Spinach . It reduces the effects of Sodium such as blood pressure .
  4. Prevention of asthma : “Beta Carotene” can be obtained  from Spinach . Studies have shown that this substance protects children from asthma diseases .
  5. Regulate blood glucose levels : “Alpha lipoic acid” ,a component in spinach, was presented as an anti-oxidant and blood glucose regulator .

Spinach provides several other benefits, including: Maintain healthy skin and hair, healthy looking, Bone health …

Spinach consumption warnings :

  1. Allergy : Many people are allergic to spinach .
  2. Children : Spinach consumption is not considered healthy for young children before the age of four
  3. People with Diabetes : Eating a large amount of spinach may cause a severe reduction in the rate of diabetes for some . therefore; Diabetes shall take care consuming this pant .
  4. People who have kidney disease : The complexity of the components of spinach may cause crystals to form in the kidneys .

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