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How to get rid of Stomach Gases ?



Gases in the digestive system are very normal in the process of digestion. However, excess gases might be a problem for some. Stomach gases are caused by some bad eating habits. In this article you will discover some of these habits and how to get rid of gases and their pain !


As we mentioned already, bad eating habits can lead to the excess of stomach gases; and these habits include:


  • Swallowing air while eating
  • Eating quickly
  • Eating large amounts of food at once
  • Cooking with lots of spices
  • Drinking too much soft drinks
  •  Drinking water while eating
  • Eating large amounts of legumes
  • Drinking full-fat-milk may cause stomach gases to people with IBS

There’re causes that are not related to the eating habits such as :

  • Hormonal changes to women before the menstrual cycle.
  • Having other digestive system diseases
  • Constipation


There are many ways to get rid of stomach gases and the pain they make; and these ways include :

  • Boiling Anise (aniseedin water and adding sugars if you want to; then letting it a few minutes in a closed bottle until it’s drinkable; and drink a little bit three to five times a day until the pain is gone
  • Eating chamomile flower or adding it to tea
  • Drinking Tea with Mint before meals helps in the reduction of stomach gases
  • Boiling Ginger and Cinnamon is a solution for most of the problems in the digestive system; use them the same way as we mentioned before with Anise
  • Adding Cumins  to your meals reduce the risks of having gases, and drinking it with water or tea helps very well; you just put some in your mouth and swallow it
  • Drinking Green Tea helps in the reduction and preservation of gases in the digestive system.

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