Three Effective Traditional Prescriptions to Have a Healthy Teeth !


Traditional medicine offered and offers many effective prescriptions in the field of health and beauty as well . However, in this article you are going to discover some of the very effective traditional ways of tooth-care that will help you get a shining smile .

Nowadays many people suffer from yellowing in the teeth. It’s caused by the accumulation of small pieces of food between the tooth and its gums; and the  solution is effective as it is easy !

All you need is to take charcoal and crush it until it turns into flour; then take the flour and add up a little of salt. Use the blend twice or three times a week to clean your teeth; just the way you use the toothpaste, use this blend with the toothbrush. Do it for 3 to 8 minutes and then use the toothpaste and clean your teeth! -الاسنان-بالفحم-475x198

We all had or still have problems with the smell of mouth. Even if we brush our teeth regularly, sometimes we don’t know the reasons behind that bad odor. Well, There is a wide arrow of mouth-odor causes. and you can easily avoid them using this traditional prescription !

Boil a bunch or two of clove in half a ore one L of water, and let it cool down; then empty the liquid in a glass bottle, without the boiled clove; and every night before sleeping, Rinse a bit and pass it between your teeth and then spit it out . This would help your gums heal from the inflammations, and it kills bacteria !CloveOil_Header

It is well known that “Miswak” provides a lot of benefits to the teeth . It was used centuries ago in the Arabian civilization, and it is still one of the most advisable solution to to take care of the teeth.

You easily wipe your teeth by its head and it shall excrete acidic substances that would kill the bacteria in your teeth, feeding the upper layers of the tooth, and make the mouth odor vanish !



Brushing your teeth regularly is very important to have a healthy mouth and brighting smile but this is not enough; adopting one or all of the former three tips might have a great effect in the long term .

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