What 1H walking can do to your health ?



Walking is a sports that can be easily practiced everyday and everywhere. It depends mainly on the muscles of the legs, and it moves most of the muscles in the human body. In this article, we are going to show you what walking everyday can do to your body.

Experts say that one hour of walking everyday is a healthy habit. It makes more oxygen reach many parts of the body and the veins widen. This means that your ability to think and create will decrease. In addition your brain will get rid of tension and become more capable to understand and  analyze.

As we mentioned, walking is considered as a good habit. Most of your organs benefits from it. Your liver, as an example, runs out of sugars that it couldn’t get rid of. It helps the digestive in the digestion of complicated components of foods like meat and bread… it also Burns the fats and controls the rate of diabetes, helps to relax and sleep at night, in addition to strengthening the muscles of the hip, shoulders and thighs.

Walking is not hard to be added to the daily schedule. One hour of walking ,after waking up or moments before the sunset, can provide you with a large amount of positive energy and vitality .

     ■ Experts thinks that walking outside is much better than using the walking machine . While walking , your heart beats go and breaths go faster , which means you need fresh and clean air . Therefore; you better walk somewhere opened and far from polluted places .

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