What are the Benefits and Damages of Gaming ?


Technology has made gaming accessible for all the people around the world. Children seem to be more attracted to video games, but adults are more likely to play video games; the average age of video games players estimated in 35 years old ! which means that elders and adults are competing young gamers. So, how does video games affect our Brain ?

What is Good about Gaming ?

  • Studies have proven that video games accelerate the ability of the brain to respond, analyze and make a wise decision quickly; not only in the field of video games but in all other life fields such as school and daily tasks.
  • Gaming also raises the sense of competition; when you play, you remember all your experiences with the game so you won’t lose; as a result, your brain adopt this desire as a principle, so in your daily life, you tend to do things better than others, and you focus on learning from your mistakes unconsciously.
  • In addition to this; studies have shown that gaming changes our brains shape! It
  • can increase the size and efficiency of brain regions related to visuo-spatial skills .
  • Gaming raises the attention and makes you pay attention to small things and analyze the possibilities
  • It makes your intuition stronger, more logical and more likely to happen

What is bad about Gaming ?


Gaming is a double-edged sword. It has its benefits as well as well as damages :

  • Too much video games in a little lighted room may cause myopia
  • It makes one lazier and less attracted to real social life
  • Video Games are like cigarettes, they cause addiction
  • they may push one to be more violent sometimes
  • They sometimes cause sharp nightmares and dreams about self-injury
  • Video games addiction may affect your relationships with friends and family
  • You may sell your time and self-interest for a few minutes of gaming

How to protect yourself from addiction :

One should watch the time he spends on gaming, and what he changed about his habits when he started gaming. And think if his performance at school, work are the same or getting worse; you also need to stick to a limited duration and if you had to reduce it, do it; and never prolong it unless you know for sure that it won’t affect other areas of your life!

What to do when you Fall in Addiction?


If you found that you’re becoming an addict, you need to make your move as fast as possible; if you’re strong enough to do it, stop gaming at once; this may cause some problems like light depression and bad ideas, and it may end up with you coming back with stronger addiction; therefore; if you know you can’t do it, do not !

The best way is to reduce the duration by a short period of time every day. Within time, you will shorten the period of time spent in front of the screen, and your body and brain will adapt dramatically to the changes.

When there’s a chance for you to have good time away from the video games, give it a try and reward yourself whenever you manage to win against your addiction!

Being aware if you are addicted to video games or no is a very important step toward controlling yourself. However to end this article, you must be strong enough to face your addiction or protect yourself from it. Believe in yourself, and bear in mind that there are many better things in life that’s worth giving the screen up!

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