What is the Best Way to Cook ?


Cooking habits differ from a country and a region to another. Cooking habits represent a lot of cultural and traditional etiquettes.But, are all these traditional habits always healthy and ready to adopt or we have to take care concerning them ?


In This article you will discover how some common habits can be harmful for health and safety.

First thing firs, Fried food or frying in general is very harmful for your physical and mental health. It has side effect on the digestive system as well as the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from food.

Actually there’s a better way of cooking that provides the good taste ,maintain the most of the nutritious components, in addition to the lack of problems ! You can easily cook fruits and meats or whatever using the steam!


    Secondly, Sugar and Salt gives a good taste to our meals. But they might cause many diseases from Diabetes, to cancers and high blood pressure. So, try to reduce the usage of salt and sugar gradually and you’ll end up getting rid of them in months.

Thirdly, using  Aluminum utensils is very harmful for the kidneys and blood and bones … Simply because small peaces that can’t be seen melt during cooking; and then they mix with your food and causes problems in the long term.

Instead, you can use clay utensil that almost have no side effects and also, they give a great taste to your meals !



In our daily life, we do many simple habits that may affect our life in the long term and change it to the worse forever !






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