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What Weakens The Immunity System


The immunity system is the body’s capability to resist harmful microorganisms from entering and damaging it. Strong immunity system is very important in order for one to enjoy a healthy being; and the weaker one’s immunity is, the weaker everything else about him would be.


Immunity is like a muscle, it can get stronger some ways, and weaker some others.


In this article we are going to see weakens t your immunity and make it down; we will discover the behaviors that affect your immunity system either negatively;

Behaviors That Weaken Immunity

Stress affect the immunity system negatively. When you’re experiencing a stressful state, the
adrenal glands release extra doses of cortisol; as a result, the production of healthy prostaglandins decreases; healthy prostaglandins are important for the strength of the immunity.

Lacking enough sleeping every night affects your immunity system negatively. The immunity works when you are asleep, and the less you sleep, the more it gets weak

Lack of exercising also weaken your immunity system because when you exercise your body produces antibodies that kills bacterias and viruses

Hygiene plays an important role in the development of the immunity system. too much hygiene soften your body’s capability to resist outside viruses and bacterias, and too little hygiene may causes diseases.. Therefore; a balanced hygiene that allows some viruses and bacterias reach our inner body strengthen our immunity system. These viruses and bacterias causes the immunity to fight them and develop the ability to resist them and their kinds the next time !

As poor Nutrition affects the body muscles, shape, blood, skin …. it also affects the immunity system, a well balanced nutritious system means a strong inner and outer body.

More than 4000 chemical substance in the cigarette is said to be weakening the immunity system. Smoking or breathing the cigarette smoked by others affect your immunity negatively.

Antibiotics are known to be the biggest enemy to a strong immunity; as the body gets fever because of a virus or bacterias, people rush and take antibiotics that help them get rid of that sickness quickly. But the quicker the fever vanish, the weaker your immunity becomes; when you get fever it means that your immunity is working and doing its best, when your immunity wins the fight, it will never or for a long time lose against that virus or bacteria; while if you replaced the immunity by the medicines, you will have to always do it because the body will not react, but wait for help from the outside !

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