Why you should put Lemon in Water before drinking ?


Lemon is considered as a very healthy fruit . It consists lot of nutrients that provides a large amount of energy and benefits to the human body. In this short Article , we are going to see what benefits lemon provides to the body and report the benefits of adding it to drinkable water.


Firstly, Putting small pieces of lemon with water in a bottle has many benefits on the human body, including:

  1. Anti-oxidant : The blend of water and Lemon contains component of ‘Flavonoid’ which is considered as anti-oxidant and a cell protective from damages .
  2. Kidneys :’Trisodium’ is excreted in the blend . It helps kidney in getting rid of stones as well as prevention .
  3. Losing Weight : Lemon gives the feeling of saturation and stops you from eating a lot .Mental and Heart health : It helps adjusting nerves and the mood and the Brain thanks to the Potassium.

Secondly : Lemon provides many benefits to the health, including :

  1. Bacteria : Lemon is a good antidote to the colds and bacteria that cause it . In addition it helps the body gets rid of lot of toxins and viruses .
  2. Oxygen : Lemon juice decreases the rate of oxygen and treats breathing difficulties .
  3. Teeth health : Lemon cures the teeth and the dental from gingivitis and decay .

It should be noted that there are contraindications and tips on lemon consumption .

Here’s a few tips and instructions concerning this regard :

  1. Gastric acidity : Lemon may cause a light heartburn to normal people , but people with different circumstances may find it hard to handle .
  2. Urination : Vitamin C is plenty available in Lemon , and it urges the need of urinate . The problem may be very troublesome in some cases.
  3. Eyes : Just don’t try to put Lemon directly to your eyes .

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